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In a lightweight opaque knit fabric with a slight surface sheen the push up bra helps accentuate a woman's cleavage. Detailed with decorative motifs on the front straps & one in between the cups adds for some elegance, whilst still being ideal for underneath fitted garments with its clean finishes. FABRIC: 36% Polyurethane, 31% Polyamide, 21%...
In a lightweight opaque knit fabric with a slight sheen on the cups the moulded bra is in a full cup shape to hold & support. Detailed with a hint of lace on the front straps adds interest, but is still modern with it's clean finishes making it ideal for everyday...
The spacer bra is a half cup shape with soft moulding cups in a lightweight opaque knit fabric, whilst pleasantly providing a natural uplift & support. Detailed with a hint of lace on the front straps adds interest, but modern with its clean finishes making it ideal for everyday wear. FABRIC:...
The spacer bra is in an innovating memory foam that moulds to fit but provides uplifting support for the larger busted woman, whilst mixing a controlling stretch sateen for  across the back area. With its unique detailing it has been embossed with a pattern design on the cups for a delicate hint of...
The spacer bra has soft moulded cups in a lightweight opaque microfibre fabric that pleasantly offers support & shape, whilst providing modest coverage. Modern with its clean finishes makes it ideal for maximum everyday wearing comfort. FABRIC: 73% Polyamide, 27% Elastane CUP: 84% Polyamide, 16% Elastane