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Galleria Intima wants you to have the shopping experience that was around many years ago but has now been brought back to the 21st century. We look forward to seeing you in our store.

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The modern shorty is in a lightweight opaque knit fabric with invisible laser cut edges to provide a smooth profile for underneath garments.   FABRIC: 66% Polyamide, 30% Elastane, 4% Cotton
The cheeky short is mixed with exquisite Leavers lace & a contrasting light grey satin mesh lining for the front area. This collection adorns crosspiece detailing & satin bows for extra romanticism. LACE: 76% Polyamide, 24% Elastane LACE FRONT & BACK: 80% Polyamide, 20% Elastane LINING FRONT & BACK: 70%...
The cheeky shorty is in a two-toned metallic Leavers lace, mixed with ultra-luxurious golden satin whilst adorned with a sparkling diamante jewel. BOTTOM LACE: 57% Polyamide, 27% Polyester, 16% Elastane LACE BACK: 63% Polyamide, 23% Elastane, 14%Polyester GUSSET: 100% Cotton SATIN: 90% Silk, 10% Elastane
The cheeky shorty is in a seductive & elegant embroidery inspired by nature's full bloom. EMBROIDERY FRONT & BACK: 65% Polyester, 26% Polyamide, 9% Elastane TULLE FRONT & BACK: 77% Polyamide, 23% Elastane GUSSET: 100% Cotton
The timeless shorty is in a beautiful swirl patterned monochrome lace with scalloping, whilst being detailed with a hint of soft mesh for an added touch of femininity. FABRIC: 73% Polyamide, 21% Elastane, 6% Cotton
The timeless short is in a soft mesh tulle with rich embroidery detail in the front, whilst featuring a sparkling Swarovski crystal at the back for some added glamour.   FABRIC: 57% Polyamide,17% Cotton, 14% Elastane, 12% Polyester
The timeless short is in an elegant French Textronic stretch lace with scalloping. With such feminine beauty this style provides full coverage & comfort for everyday wear.  FABRIC: 82% Polyamide, 18% Elastane
The cheeky shorty is in delicate scalloped stretch lace & detailed with a soft jersey knit, whilst featuring a comfortable towelling gusset. It's elegant & comfortable making it ideal for everyday wear. Made in Spain FABRIC: 85% Polyamide, 15% Elastane GUSSET: 83% Cotton, 17% Polyamide